Quara Blockchain

Is a tech-based company using blockchain technology to develop innovative software solutions. It offers commercial-ready software and services to efficiently streamline systems for different business sectors.

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Who we are


We offer commercial-ready solutions for the financial, real estate, industrial, and government sectors.

In line with Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision, which has a key focus in creating an environment that unlocks business opportunities, Quara Holding established Quara Blockchain, the leading blockchain software technology in the Kingdom. It has exclusively partnered with global software companies installed in blue-chip, to enable companies to be future-ready.

Quara Blockchain offers commercial-ready solutions to streamline systems, so in turn, different industry sectors can benefit from increased efficiency, transparency and security. Additionally, Quara Blockchain designs and develops bespoke blockchain software for its clients. Our pricing strategy is as transparent and secure as our Blockchain technology. All products and services are transaction based or user-based billing with low upfront costs.

that we serve

Health Care

Oil & Gas

Real Estate




Supply Chain



peaq is a Berlin based deep-tech company developing decentralized infrastructure for the Economy of Things. It’s platform infrastructure is powered by its novel Distributed Ledger Technology, the DAGchain. Through its cutting edge technology it has successful implementation in one of the biggest German Automotive groups and one of the largest global telecom and internet infrastructure companies. It is currently listed on the German Stock Exchange.

ConsenSys is the software engineering leader of the blockchain space. It’s full-stack Ethereum products help developers build next-generation networks and enable enterprises to launch more powerful financial infrastructure. It is backed by JPMorgan, and a trusted partner of different enterprises and government agencies worldwide. ConsenSys was also one of the early adopters of Bitcoin, before developing Ethereum, a more evolved cryptocurrency.

BAM is an easy to integrate NFT Ticketing-as-a-Service solution. Providing tamper-proof digital tickets and secure market places with latest blockchain technology. Yielding additional revenue to event organizers, sport clubs and artists.

Use Cases

Access Control

Control the Information Flow within your Business

The Access Control solution enables businesses to seamlessly provide, or reserve access rights to individuals within their organization. These access rights could easily be extended to partner organizations and institutions.

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Data Center Solutions

Secure your company’s data from wherever you are

The Data Center Solutions are both hardware and software solutions that allow businesses to protect their data centers both in the physical space and remotely. This cutting edge solution provides the highest standards of security.

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Supply Chain Management

Every step of the business cycle is now a seamless process

The Supply Chain Management solution encompasses every step of the process, from raw ingredients, to manufacturing, production, distribution and even end consumer.

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