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Control the Information Flow within your Business

The Access Control solution enables businesses to seamlessly provide, or reserve access rights to individuals within their organization. These access rights could easily be extended to partner organizations and institutions.

Thanks to advanced blockchain technology. This solution integrates blockchain with directed a cyclic graphs to provide company management access rights for users on a tangible platform, such as a security door, or an intangible platform, such as a company software.The technology is an immutable log providing heightened level of security, which means,data can not be manipulated, every interaction is permanent, and everything is validated through a web of nodes built on blockchain and directed a cyclic graphs.


A detailed tracker of all interactions on the applications/platforms
Access control central hub
All files are protected from tampering and erroneous insertion through Immutability of logs
Directed Acyclic Graphs to model a wide range of different data types
A Platform economy to facilitate economic and social activity on the applications/platforms


Increase Security

Decrease the risk of unauthorized access by securing your access points with state of the art IoT and blockchain technology.

Control Permission

Get centralized control over who gets access to which software, and who gets access to which layer within each software.

Save Cost

Save short term costs by streamlining processes, and save term costs by preventing security breaches.

Save time

Streamline administrative and management systems of yours and different users’ access points by handling them all from one place.

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